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Adrianna Toy's Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer 2019 Fundraising Page

Adrianna Toy

Adrianna Toy

Hello friends! 
I am raising money for my friend, Scott Hamiltons' foundation this year. His foundation is called the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. CARES raises money to help find a cure for cancer and give cancer victims hope.
My family has been touched by this disease and raising money for this cause makes me feel like I'm honoring them.  This will be my 5th year participating in this event and I hope to make it my best ever!

This year I’ll be gladly accepting donations and even sponsorships from businesses. As always, this is a great cause and any donations would be greatly appreciated! Together, we can reach or exceed my goal of $2,500.

Also, November 24th is the Scott Hamilton and Friends Show! Swing on by for a combination of live music and some of the world’s best figure skaters . All proceeds from the show will go straight to the CARES foundation as well.


Thanks to everyone who bought a pillow from me!! I was able to donate $364 to my fundraiser thanks to you. I'm only $91 from my goal!!


Celebrating finishing 32 pillows! Ashe even got a dog toy out of the process.

I DID IT!!! I reached my goal of $2500!! Thank you to everyone who has supported my efforts this year. I'm so proud of the money I raise for this amazing Foundation. In light of the fact that I still have some pillows to sell and I still have 17 days to fundraise, I'm going to raise my goal to $3000! I'm still willing to skate a 5K for a $50 donation and I'll even do 10 axels for $25. #turncancerupsidedown


Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I'm so close to reaching my goal.


raised of $3,000 goal

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Congrats on beating your original goal. Here's a little more to help make the next level.
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Proud of you!! Xoxo