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We're so glad to have your support! Here are some tools and resources to help Turn Cancer Upside Down™!

Our NYC 2020 Incentives and Rewards
See how you can earn special rewards like Eyce performance wear, Love Your Melon hats, and Apple AirPods!
*Board Ambassador Meet & Greet pending availability 

NYC 2020 Sponsorship Information 
Learn how your business can sponsor our event and what benefits we offer

Fundraising Ideas A-Z
Use this list to get started with creative fundraising tips

Peer to Peer Fundraising
This infographic demonstrates the power of one and how one participant can raise $25,000

Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™ Race Bib - Who do you Sk8 for?
Print this race bib and use it any way you can imagine - social media posts, your Frozen 5k, get creative!

More to come soon!